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Cooperative Contracts:

County Procurement Ordinance (2017-08) allows for the use of Cooperative, Federal, State of Florida, and/or Florida government agency contracts by County Divisions, as long as appropriate competition was demonstrated in the approval of the contract.  The Ordinance is as follows:

SECTION 11.4 Cooperative Purchasing

  1. Piggybacking

    The Procurement Services Director shall have the authority to procure goods or services from vendors who have been selected, as a result of a competitive selection process for a federal, state or municipal government, or any other governmental agency, political subdivision, or government-related association, provided that the originating entity utilized a competitive process similar to Collier County's. The Procurement Services Director shall annually bring forward to the Board of County Commissioners a list of recommended cooperatives for Board consideration.

On a yearly basis, as outlined in the above ordinance citation, the Procurement Division brings forward an authorization to the Board of County Commissioners for use various Cooperative Purchasing agencies. 

Current Approved Cooperative Contracts:

For the updated list of approved cooperative contracts that can be used by any division click the link below:

To use one of these contracts, complete the following steps:

  • Find the appropriate piggyback contract in the file titled "Approved Piggyback-Waiver-Emergency Log.xls"
  • Click on the link listed in that file to be directed to the appropriate backup documentation (B:\Purchasing\Approved Cooperative Contracts).
  • Download the desired piggyback (please make sure you do not move the file out of the B:/ Drive, COPY ONLY)
  • Request a quote from contracted vendor.  Make sure the coresponding agreement number is clearly identified on the quote.
  • Attach the quote and piggyback backup documenation to the requisition.

Are you interested in a contract that is not on the approved list?

Complete the "Cooperative Purchasing Request Form" located at ​

Submit the completed form, to procurement, along with the following backup documentation:

  • Solicitation
  • Vendor Proposal
  • Tabulation/Selection Committee Scoring
  • Price Sheet
  • Proof of Advertisment
  • Approved Contract
  • Governing Body Approval

Approval of cooperative contracts depend on a number of factors, including; Pricing, competitiveness of solicitation, governing laws, terms and conditions, etc.


Links to other cooperative/Florida agency contracts (this list is not all inclusive):



For additional questions regarding piggyback/cooperative contracts, please contact Adam Northrup at 252-6098 or