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State Contracts:

State Purchasing has launched a new State Contract, Agreement, and Price List website on Monday, November 7, 2005. For information on State Term Contracts, click the link below:

Below is a list of features available on the new website:

  • Ability to search all contracts, agreements and price lists by keyword
  • Sort each list by number, name, start date or end date by clicking on the column title
  • View all contracts, agreements, and price lists for a specific category by clicking on a category name
  • View a master list of contractors by clicking on the Contractor column title
  • For the majority of contracts, agreements, and price lists a complete copy of the document is available in Word and PDF
  • All contracts, agreements, and price lists have a performance survey attached for customer feedback
  • View expired contracts (this will show contracts, agreements, and price lists that expire after the launch of this system)
Don't forget, you can use the "Notify Me" option to receive automatic email notification of updates made to contracts, agreements, and price lists. 

GSA Contracts:

For information on GSA Term Contracts, click the link below:

Itemized List of Current Fixed Term Contracts

For a list of fixed term contracts that require works orders, click the link below:

Fixed Term Contracts